Pete's Raw Organic Chocolates!

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Pete's Raw Organic Chocolates!

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Lose Weight by The Bag!

Mind Over Body author Peter Ajello combined raw, organic chocolate with the diet outlined in Pete's Chocolate Diet book to lose 200 pounds in just 16 months! Now, you can eat chocolate and lose weight at the same time with Pete’s Raw Organic Weight-Loss Chocolates!

Pete’s proprietary formula combines 100% raw organic cacao paste with a touch of raw organic sugar cane crystals to produce the uniquely rich and satisfying flavor for which our chocolates are renowned…but that’s not all!

Preparing commercial chocolate for human consumption typically involves the repeated heating and drying throughout its production. Unfortunately, this process destroys most of the beneficial compounds and antioxidants in cacao, thereby diminishing or eliminating its health benefits altogether. However, Pete’s Raw Organic Weight-Loss Chocolates are cold-pressed to retain ALL of their nutritional and dietary benefits, including:

- 100% pure.
- No artificial ingredients or preservatives.
- Vitamin-and mineral-rich.
- High in antioxidants and flavanols.
- Low in sodium, fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol.
- Diabetic-, gluten-, vegan- and celiac-friendly.
- Promotes weight-loss.
- Prevents/Controls/Curbs cravings.
- USDA-certified organic.                                                                                      

Whether you enjoy Pete’s Raw Organic Chocolates as part of a delicious, nutritious snack, The Chocolate Diet or both, you’ll wonder how something that tastes so good…could be so good for you! 

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