Peter Ajello – 200 Lb. Natural Weight Loss

Sometimes a weight loss story just simply breaks through new barriers. If weight loss was an Olympic sport then Peter Ajello would certainly be a contender for a gold medal.  Peter Ajello lost 200 pounds in 16 months. Not only did he lose a lot of fat, he also trained hard and has built a great physique, certainly something to be proud of.  Peter was so overweight that his life was in serious danger. At his maximum he reached 445 pounds. He was suffering from diabetes, had dangerously high cholesterol levels, and was suffering from gout attacks that literally disabled him.  He was morbidly obese and had less than a year to live. 

He was on 14 different medications for the problems caused by his obesity, and ultimately suffered a near fatal diabetic stroke.  When CBS heard about his weight loss they featured him on the Emmy award winning “Doctors” show. He was soon called “The Weight Loss King of South Florida” and CBS put him in contact with world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner who would later carry out a complimentary extended abdominalplasty to remove the excess skin after such a massive weight loss.

How Did He Put On Weight?

Back in college, after several traumatic life events we can all relate to (his parents divorced, moving to a new home and state, a breakup, and starting college) he just started eating too much of the wrong thing, like many people do in an effort to seek comfort (emotional eating). He ate lots of pizza, wings, and fast food and started drinking excessively and became dependent on drugs. He spent the next many years guzzling sugary drinks and eating junk food until he reached his comfort zone of a semi-comatose state. Things came to a head or what’s known as “rock bottom” when he woke up one morning suffering from a diabetic stroke. Change had to come. He realized he had to take immediate action as his doctor told him if he did not he would indeed die.

How Did He Lose Weight?

Peter started out by himself with just shear will and determination to live. He started a modest walking program. He began by walking around his block, for 7 minutes, all he could do at the time, and worked hard to go just a little further each time. Most importantly he stopped eating junk food, nutrient devoid food, and subsisting on alcohol and drugs. Ultimately, he replaced these with low glycemic, high fiber, living foods that would nourish his bloated but malnourished body. Very soon Peter lost 50 pounds, just from these simple steps.

The Weight Loss Bet 

Peter was still very overweight. It was then that his friends came to the rescue in an unimaginable way. A friendly bet was wagered. It was August 1st, 2008 and Peter had to lose another 100 lbs, for a grand total of a 150 lb weight loss by the New Year, only five months away! The grand prize offered was a total of $17,000. The final weigh-in was set for 8:00 AM January 1, 2009 at Level 5 gym in Delray Beach, FL. By now many were following Peter’s story and were awaiting his big day, open to friends, family, and the public. 

The Real Motivation – One Inch at a Time

The thought of winning made him more determined, but the real motivation came from an unusual direction. He sat at home watching the film Any Given Sunday. He caught Al Pacino’s motivational locker room speech, and that was what he really needed to get up and take real action to win!

Al Pacino’s Motivational Locker Room Speech 

“We’re in Hell right now. We can fight our way back, climb out of hell, one inch at time. We claw for all those inches. I am willing to fight and die for that inch. That is what living is.”
Peter watched this every day as his morning motivation and then he really started working hard! In just three months he increased his fitness level enough to go from a 7 minute walk to a 7 mile walk. Eventually he built up to wind sprinting, weight training, and the UltraFit method of super setting weights. 

Peter Was Taught How To Eat
Pascal Durand- Nutrition 

Peter soon hit a plateau. He was tired and stopped losing weight and he did not know why. Pascal Durand, Pete’s Nutritionist, referred by Dr. Pozner, got Pete eating high fiber and low GI foods. This helped stabilize his blood sugar levels, control his appetite, make his body work hard to digest food and start to improve the health of his digestive system. Pascal engraved in Peter’s mind, “Calories in – Calories out”. He also learned how to eat properly such as what type of carbohydrates and proteins he should eat to increase his energy levels so that he could train harder.

Kari Williams – Pete’s Personal Trainer

A personal trainer in Peter’s gym, Kari Williams, came to his aid after seeing his amazing progress. Kari Williams helped move Peter’s fitness to the next level. To ensure that he kept the weight off and would get to his goal she knew he had to start building muscle mass. Another issue was that Peter had to lose another 40 lbs before plastic surgeon Dr. Pozner would allow the skin removal surgery. Kari had Pete performing all sorts of exercises, such as stair climbs with dumbbells, walking lunges, bicep curls and dumbbell presses.

John DeFendis – The Ultra Fit Workout Program and Training Principles

John DeFendis is a World Renown Weight Loss and Fitness Expert and has been a Personal Trainer for over 35 years. John has been featured on 24 national and International magazine covers, and won the Mr. USA title at age 30. He started training people and helping them reach their goals long before Personal Training was a business. His love for the gym and helping people is what inspires him to be passionate about his work. John has trained thousands of overweight people with incredible success. One of his biggest accomplishments is that he has taken over 100 pounds off of each of more than 300 individual people with his ULTRA FIT program and directs the most Successful Personal Training Team and Program in the world.
John DeFendis personally invited Peter to his home and gym in South Carolina to learn the Ultra Fit Training Principles and workouts. As a guest in John's home for 3 days, Peter not only lost 4 pounds but took home a lifetime of exercise and eating tips.

Pete Ohnegian – Good Energy Training

Good Energy is a private personal training center in Allendale, NJ. Good Energy was created by Pete Ohnegian, a Ramsey native and former professional football player and all-state catcher for Ramsey High School. Peter was specially invited to Good Energy after owner, Pete Ohnegian, heard of Mr. Ajello’s “Any Given Sunday” mantra and just had to meet the man who was so greatly impacted by the movie Mr. Ohnegian starred in. Good Energy Training combines fitness, speed, strength, agility, and power in explosive workouts using anything from “battle ropes” to tires. Mr. Ajello received a personal session with Mr. Ohnegian and learned firsthand exactly what it takes to work out like a professional NFL star!

6 Pound a Week Weight Loss Success

In the last few weeks of 2008 Peter worked incredibly hard and by January 1st 2009 he weighed in at a shocking 248 pounds. That was 157 pounds lighter than he was 6 months previously. He lost an average of 6 pounds per week over a 6 month period.

Peter Has Lost Diabetes

Now Peter has a 36 inch waist, and there is little doubt that he will reach his ultimate weight loss goal. But most importantly Peter has reversed diabetes and rid himself of 14 medications. He no longer suffers from Type 2 Diabetes, proof that it is caused by being overweight and poor diet, and that diabetes is reversible.

Peter’s Diet and Organic Dark Chocolate 

Pete ate dark chocolate to help him control his cravings. He believes that dark chocolate actually helped get over his diabetes as it helped him control his blood sugar levels. This is what Peter said about his diet:

“I also had a secret weapon which was organic dark chocolate which a lot of people misconceive, but they 
should not, because these chocolates, cut my portions in half, and what it boils down to is: CALORIES IN,

These are the proven benefits of dark chocolate:

- Dark Chocolate assists with weight loss programs
- Dark Chocolate is a great source of Antioxidants by enjoying it as healthy snack
- Dark Chocolate is great for before and after meals to curb cravings
- Peter’s choice of Dark Chocolate is Diabetic, Gluten, Vegan and Celiac-friendly
You can order Pete's Organic, Raw, Dark Chocolates for Weight Loss here(add link) and select 
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